May 29, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


Alexander Duncan McRae

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. McRAE:

He has been responsible for the restoration of the fisheries in Alaska, and he has accomplished wonders. He had great difficulties the first few years because the changes he instituted in connection with the Alaskan fisheries were greatly resented by those engaged in the business. After a few years however when it became apparent that the life of the industry depended on the regulations he had put into effect, and when it became further apparent that the industry was going to be restored, the complaints ceased. To-day the fishing industry in those waters is practically restored to its former greatness, and Mr. O'Malley is accepted by the fishing interests, both men and corporations, as the necessary governor of that great industry. With Mr. O'Malley on the commission and with other Americans who will thoroughly know the business, I suggest to the government that in this particular case they make use of some of the many men in British Columbia who are familiar with the fishing industry, who know the business thoroughly and who are willing and anxious to give their time to assist in restoring this great natural wealth to the people of British Columbia.
In closing may I say that there will be many difficulties ahead of this commission; their task is a difficult one. As I have already said the business is of great importance to the people of my province, and to the whole Dominion. Complaints will arise without number, but I hope that both parties in this house regardless of which party is successful in the coming election will undertake to give to the sockeye salmon commission that assistance and support during the next sixteen years, which is essential to the success of this treaty.

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