May 29, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


Richard Bedford Bennett (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)

Hon. R. B. BENNETT (Leader of the Opposition):

I might well have desired that
this resolution had been introduced earlier in the session. I can quite understand the difficulties to which the right hon. the Prime Minister has referred. It is always very unfortunate that legislation of this character should be introduced in the closing days of the session when an election is not far distant, as I am sure my hon. friend the Minister of Marine and Fisheries (Mr. Cardin) will agree. It seems to be quite clear that a promise was given in 1928 for work apparently that was to be begun the next year. The legislation does not seem to have been passed until 1930 by the province of Quebec, and presumably the obligation still continues. I suppose the theory is that when a promise is given by the crown

it must be implemented, whoever may have given it and whoever may have to carry it out. So I am not going to interpose any obstacles to the introduction of the bill, but when the bill is before us I may have something further to say once its terms are known.

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