May 29, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. EULER: (Minister of National Revenue)


1. Yes.
2. James Playfair.

3. (a) $70,000. Ship thoroughly overhauled, reconditioned and fitted out for patrol duty at owners' expense under agreement of purchase.
(b) Cost of overhaul and repairs since date of purchase $8,915.
4. (a) Fifteen to sixteen knots, (b) Yes.
5. (a) First class; (b) 1928: 150 days, exclusive of boiler cleaning; 1929: 190 days, exclusive of boiler cleaning.
6. December 9, 1927. Delivery taken May 13, 1928.
7. No.
8. Answered by No. 7.
9. Vigilant under charter to the Department of National Revenue during the years 1927, 1928 and 1929. Charter expired December 15, 1929. Total cost to the department for the period under charter, covering rental and repairs, etc., $70,321.53. Vessel returned to owners October 27, 1929.
10. 1927; 128 days. 1928; 198 days 1929; 230 days.
Note: First on patrol July 26th, 1927.
11. (a) Thirteen and one-half knots.
(b) No.
12. Twenty to twenty-five tons for twenty-four hours at maximum speed. Average coal consumption per day in actual service, eleven to twelve tons.
13. (a) Chief of the Customs-Excise preventive service, after the vessels had been thoroughly examined by technical officers of the Naval Service, Department of National Defence.
(b) Yes.
14. Yes.
15. (a) Contract price, including extras, $306,200.
(b) Repairs, etc., $350.
16. Yes.
17. Yes.
18. (a) Sir Charles Gordon.
(b) $25,000.
(c) Cost of changing power plant from steam to Diesel and fitting boat out for patrol duty, $33,400.
19. Yes.
20. (a) Contract price, including extras, $295,490.
(b) $810.
21. (a) Yes.
(b) Suffered slight damage to pilot-house and upper works during month of January, 1930, through being hit by a tidal wave.

Caughnawaga Bridge
22. No.
23. (a) No.
(b) No.
Note: Some of top weight removed from
both vessels with a view to improving stability, having in mind ice conditions off the Nova Scotia coast in the winter season.
24. No.
25. (a) *300,607.
(b) 109 days to date.
Note: This ship only taken over from
builders on January 4, 1930.

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