May 29, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. MACDONALD (Richmond-West Cape Breton):

Conservative (1867-1942)

1. Is the ship Connestoga now owned by the government ?
2. If so, from whom was she purchased?
3. What price was paid for the ship, and what amount has been expended on her for repairs, alterations, etc?
4. What is her speed, and is such speed as represented when ship purchased?
5. What is the present condition of the ship and how many days has she been in actual service since purchase?
6. What was the date of purchase?
7. Is the ship Vigilant owned or hired by the government?
8. If purchased, what was purchase price?
9. How much has the ship cost the department so far, for hires, repairs, etc?
10. How many days was the ship on patrol service outside harbours during year?
11. What is the demonstrated speed of the boat, and is it equal to speed represented?
12. What is the coal consumption of this ship oni maximum speed for 24 hours?
13. Who recommended this boat and has she proven equal to service required?
14. Does the government own the boat
15. What has been her cost in purchase price, repairs, etc?
18. Has she proven suitable for coastal service under all weather conditions?
17. Does the government own the boat Bay-hound?
18. If so, from whom was she purchased, price paid, and amount spent on repairs, etc?
19. Does the government own the boat
Preventor ?
20. If so, what purchase price was paid, and what amount has been spent on repairs, etc?
21. Has the boat proved suitable for coastal service, or has she suffered damage while so engaged ?
22. Were any of the crew injured in such service, and what were their names?
23. Have original plans of this boat been changed, and does she differ from the above named Fleur-De-Lis?
24. Is it a fact that this boat was unable to make the passage from Louisburg to Sydney, on a day when the motor boat Stumble In made such passage?
25. What is gross amount expended on this ship to date, and how many days has she been in service at sea?

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