May 26, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. DUNNING: (Minister of Finance and Receiver General)


1. D. H. McDougall; G. D. MacDougall; J. Dix Fraser; Prof. G. E. Jackson; Prof. W. A. Mackintosh.
2. D. H. McDougall-25 days, fiscal year 1928-29 (intermittently); G. D. Macdougall- 14 days, fiscal year 1928-29 (intermittently); J. Dix Fraser-20 days, fiscal year 1928-29 (intermittently); Prof. G. E. Jackson-June 15, 1927, to Oct. 15, 1927; Dr. W. A. Mackintosh- July 7, 1927, to Nov. 30, 1927. May 18, 1928, to Oct. 6, 1928. Summer of 1929 (intermittently) .
3. Messrs. D. H. McDougall, G. D. Macdougall and J. D. Fraser are engineers specialising in the iron and steel industry. Professors Jackson and Mackintosh are economists.
4. Messrs. D. H. McDougall, G. D. Macdougall and J. Dix Fraser were engaged in the practice of their professions as consulting engineers in respect to the iron and steel industry.
5. D. H. McDougall, 8100 per day; G. D. Macdougall, $50 per day; J. Dix Fraser, $75 per day; Prof. G. E. Jackson, $400 per month; Prof. W. A. Mackintosh, $400 per month.
6. Their investigations in the iron and steel industry ceased on the following dates: D. H. McDougall, February 27, 1929; G. D. Macdougall. February 27, 1929; J. Dix Fraser, February 27, 1929; Prof. G. E. Jackson, October 15, 1927; Prof. W. A. Mackintosh, October 1, 1929.

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