May 26, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. CRERAR: (Minister of Railways and Canals)


1. The Department of Railways and Canals has no record of any communication.
2. Considering the size of the hotel, and the importance of the problems involved, the Canadian National Railway authorities feel that the work has not been delayed to any great extent. Excavation was started in December, 1928,' in order to fufil the promise made by Canadian National Railways to the city of Vancouver that the work would be started before December 31st of that year. At that time, the plans were only in a preliminary stage, but, in the meantime, the Canadian National Railways were able to provide work for a considerable number of men during the winter of 1928-29. In June, 1929, it was realized by the president of the Canadian National Railways that, in view of the probable future progress of the city of Vancouver, it would be advisable to increase the size of the hotel, at the same time designing it so that additional accommodation could be provided at a later date. This necessitated a restudy of the plans, and this scheme is now being carried out. The hotel is at present designed to provide six hundred rooms, with the possibility of adding a further four hundred rooms in the future. The foundation work has been completed, and over two thousand tons of steel has already been erected.
3. The E. J. Ryan Contracting Company, Limited, of Vancouver, is in charge of the work. It is the intention to open the hotel during the month of May, 1932.

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