May 24, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


George Gibson Coote

United Farmers of Alberta

Mr. G. G. COOTE (Mcleod):

Mr. Speaker, I desire to draw the attention of the Minister of Mines (Mr. Stewart) to the following telegram:
The executive board of the Mine Workers Union of Canada urgently requests the federal government to give attention to the serious condition of unemployment and distress now prevailing throughout the mining industry of western Canada and would suggest as one means to that end that the government concede to the request made for subvention of rates as placed before the government by the representatives of the mining industry of western Canada.
It is signed by Frank Wheatley, president of the Mine Workers' Union of Canada. I know the government have had this matter under consideration, and I would ask the minister whether in view of the early closing of parliament he is yet prepared to make a statement in regard to it.

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