August 21, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Charles Marcil


Mr. C. MARCIL (Bonaventure).

There are, Mr. Speaker, in the history of nations, as in tlie history of individuals, red letter days. These are red letter days for Canada. The Liberal party, with the co-operation and approval of the Canadian people, is about placing on our statute-books a law, the preamble of which reads as follows :
Whereas, having regard to the growth of, population and the rapid development of the production and trade of Manitoba and the Northwest Territories, and to the great area of fertile and productive land in all the provinces and territories as, yet without railway facilities, and to the rapidly expanding trade and commerce of the Dominion, it is in the interest of Canada that a line of railway, designed to secure the most direct and economical interchange of traffic between Eastern Canada and the provinces and territories west of the great lakes, to open up and develop the northern zone of the Dominion, to promote the internal and foreign

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