May 20, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


Charles Avery Dunning (Minister of Finance and Receiver General)



My department is concerned only with the actuarial administration of the act; the feature of the act to which the hon. member for Kingston (Mr. Ross) refers would be administered by the Department of Pensions. The minister, I know, is getting the information now and he will be here in a few moments. My understanding

Relumed, Soldiers' Insurance Act
of the matter is that in practice a most liberal interpretation is placed upon the phrase to which my hon. friend calls attention. One can understand how difficult it must be to administer such a section correctly. A reasonable expectation of life of course would not or should not include a man who is very evidently dying. That, at least, is my personal view. On the other hand my hon. friend directs attention to a case in which he says there was a reasonable expectation of life, but apparently, if we are to judge from his information, the insurance was not granted. I think this would be a matter of taking up the specific case with the pension department in order to get the facts. I have not the information personally.

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