March 24, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)




1. Did the government in 1929 appoint a committee of federal members to inquire into agricultural conditions in Canada?
2. If so, what were the powers given to it?
3. Do the names of the following persons mentioned in an article published January 18, 1930, in most of the newspapers of Montreal, correspond exactly to the names of the federal members who the government appointed to carry out this inquiry, namely, Messrs. Mark Senn. member for Haldimand, chairman of the committee of inquiry; W. E. Tummon, member for Hastings South; F. W. Bowen, member for Durham, Earl Rowe, member for Dufferin-Simcoe ?

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4. Has the Dominion government any knowledge that said gentlemen carried out an inquiry in the counties of Joliette, Nicolet, Yamaska, Laprairie, Napierville, St. John, Iberville. Sherbrooke, Richmond, Stanstead, Compton and Assomption-Montcalm?
5. In keeping with the instructions given by the government to this committee, was the latter held to officially notify the members of the various counties above mentioned?
6. Was it under instructions of the government that they thus went into the province of Quebec during January last?
7. Was a report made in connection with this inquiry? If so, to whom, and is it available?

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