March 20, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)



United Farmers of Alberta

1. In connection with the contract for dredging at Calamity Point, First Narrows, Vancouver, British Columbia, awarded to the Northwestern Dredging Company Limited, who are the principals in the Northwestern Dredging Company Limited, what was the price for this dredging and for the dredging of Barnaby shoal, and did the said price include the disposal or dumping of the material?
2. Did the contract contain provision that ' the material should be dumped where designated by the harbour commission?

Business of the House
3. Was this work done under the Dominion .Public Works department?
4. Did the board of harbour commissioners of Vancouver purchase this material from the dredging company for filling purposes for the new pier? If so, at what price per cubic yard?
5. Does it receive all its capital funds by a deposit of its bonds with the Dominion government and the advancement by the Dominion government of moneys required?
6. Does the harbour board secure the approval of the Marine department before proceeding with the expenditure of its funds? If so, what price did the Marine department approve of for the dumping of this material?
7. Were the dredges used on this work by the private companies registered in Canada prior to the calling of tenders for the said contract?
8. Was dredge No. 131038-Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company dredge-No. 1-No. 76/1912. Vancouver, British Columbia, and No. 133864-Puget No. 11, No. 50/1913, Vancouver. British Columbia, used in this work?
9. Were these dredges not at the time of the tender the property of the Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company, with the principal office at 811 Central Building, Seattle, W ashington ?
10. Was the said Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company incorporated in the state of
Nevada ?
11. Were the said dredges transferred to the British Columbia Bridge and Dredging Company Limited?
12. Is Mr. Ian Mackenzie, M.L.A., Liberal provincial member for the city of North Vancouver, British Columbia, principal shareholder of the British Columbia Bridge and Dredging Company Limited?
13. Is the said Mr. Ian Mackenzie the same as the Mr. Ian Mackenzie who is the soldiers' representative at Vancouver, British Columbia?
14. If so, what salary is paid the said Ian Mackenzie for his services as soldiers' representative ?
15. Did the Public Works department do the dredging in the First Narrows, British Columbia, prior to this contract?
16. In the disposal of the material was it not the practice to supply the material so dredged to all public bodies free of charge?
17. Did the Marine department permit the harbour commission to pay 24 cents per cubic yard in this instance?
18. If the answer to question 9 is in the
affirmative, why did not the government use one of its own dredges on this work instead of permitting the Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company to send its dredges into Canada ? ,
19. How many American workmen, if any, were brought in to work on this project with these dredges?

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