March 20, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. RINFRET: (Secretary of State of Canada)


1. Education equivalent to high school graduation; three years of experience in the operating department of a railroad with some actual service in the operation of trains; working knowledge of railroad operating rules and regulations; ability to investigate and report on complaints as to station traffic; good penmanship, quickness of perception, good judgment, tact; though no definite age limit was fixed, the advertisement stated that age might be a determining factor in making a selection.
2. July 28, 1928.
3. He had been employed for sixteen years with the railway commission, the last seven years being spent in the operating department. This work brought him in close touch with the various phases of railroad operation work including the handling of train orders, time tables, general train and interlocking rules; the board's general orders, regulations, standards, etc., the R,aihvay Act; duties of station agents, location of stations, closing stations, passenger train reduction,. handling of accidents of all types, collisions, boiler explosions, and methods of reporting and investigating the same. This experience in the opinion of the chief of the operating department of the Board of Railway Commissioners, was of equivalent value to actual service on a railroad.
Mr. Bourgault was rated in a written examination, on general questions; he was rated on education and experience and also given an oral examination. The average resulting from all these tests was 87-9 per cent. Mr. Bourgault was also a returned soldier and entitled to the preference under the act. Only returned soldiers were examined as it was evident that enough qualified candidates would be available from those entitled to the returned soldier preference.
4. Clerk, grade 3, Board of Railway Commissioners, Ottawa.
5. On requisition from the Board of Railway Commissioners the position was advertised in accordance with the usual practice, and as a result of the competition a certificate of appointment was issued by the Civil Service Commission.
6. No.

Subtopic:   MR. J. L. BOURGAULT
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