March 19, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. BLACK (Yukon):

Conservative (1867-1942)

1. What are the various officials of the Northwest Territories Branch of the Department of the Interior?
Name of official
O. S. Finnie
D. L. M'cKeand
G. P. Mackenzie
L. T. Burwash
J. F. Moran
A. S. Thomas
D. H. Christie
J. P. Richards
E. M. Phillips
T. F. Bracken
F. C. Wilkins
Miss R. Beilby
Miss M. G. Anderson...
Miss J. Macdonell....
A. McCracken
Miss V. M. Roxborough.
Miss D. M. Clarke
Miss K. E. Berry
Miss A. A. Beach
Miss M. A. L. Bidgood.. Miss M. E. Morrissey...
J. E. Fagan
Miss M. K. Parr
Miss D. R. McClelland.. Miss M. J. McDonald...
A. E. Porsild
R. T. Porsild
J. D. Soper
W. H. B. Hoare
J. A. McDougal
G. D. Murphy
P. E. Trudel
N. W. Champagne
J. B. LeClaire
M. J. Dempsey
H. McDermott
D. Arden
D. C. Ireland
W. Scheafer

Location of office
Fort Smith.
2. Where is the office or headquarters of each such official located?
3. What is the annual cost to the country of each such official, showing in each case: (a) salary or remuneration; (b) living allowance;
(c) other items of cost?
4. What persons, if any, in addition to said officials and L. A. Giroux, Liberal member of the legislature of Alberta, were, during the past year, paid by the government in connection with the administration of Northwest territories?

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