March 19, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. STEWART (Edmonton): (Minister of Immigration and Colonization; Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs; Minister of Mines; Minister of the Interior)


1. Matters of administration affecting particularly the native population in connection with which it is desired to have a policy as near same as possible in the Yukon and Northwest territories.
2. Three.
3. 4 and 5. Commissioner, W. W. Cory, C.M.G., Deputy Minister, Department of the Interior.
Deputy Commissioner, R. A. Gibson, Esq., Assistant Deputy Minister, Department of the Interior.
Members of Council, Charles Camsell, LL.D., Deputy Minister, Department of Mines; O. S. Finnie, B.Sc., Director, N.W.T. and Yukon Branch, Department of Interior; H. H.Rowatt, Esq., Dominion Lands Board, Department of Interior; D. C. Scott, Litt. D., Deputy Superintendent General, Department of Indian Affairs; Colonel Cortlandt Starnes, Commissioner, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. All these serve without extra remuneration.

Subtopic:   L. A. GIROUX
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