February 25, 1930 (16th Parliament, 4th Session)


Right Hon. W@

Mr. Speaker, my hon.
friend is quite right in stating that the article to which I had reference is the one which he has just read. An article appeared- in the Toronto Star about a financial catastrophe confronting the Dominion. As I said last night, any one in Canada who understood the situation would have known that that was a sensational article as it appeared in the Toronto Star, and would not in the circumstances have cabled it to England. But it was cabled to the London Times by its correspondent in Canada and was published in
[Mr. Church,!
the Times, as my hon. friend has just indicated to the house. When the article appeared in the London Times I received from the High Commissioner's office in England a communication stating that there was considerable concern in London as a consequence of the article which had appeared in the London Times and asking that as speedily as possible some word be sent which would be reassuring to the British public with respect to any financial situation that had arisen in Canada through the efforts of the pool to market the grain. If I remember correctly-I am speaking from memory at the moment-that communication came on a Saturday morning, and before the day was far advanced I had prepared and sent to the High Commissioner's office a communication indicating that the article quoted was simply a despatch that had appeared in one of the Canadian papers, that it was without any real foundation and that there was no occasion for any fear as to the financial situation with respect to the -marketing of grain, and in Monday's papers in England the erroneous impression which had been created by this despatch was -corrected.

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