June 14, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Edward Joseph Garland

United Farmers of Alberta

Mr. GARLAND (Bow River):

That will be all to the good, but I frankly look with a good deal of dread and disappointment at the continuous delays on the part of the administration in this matter. They nave simply passed the thing on from one year to aaofhtr. The Prime Minister's excuse at this moment may be a very legitimate and a very laudable one, that the government desire to give an increase to the technical men'greater than that proposed by the Civil Service Commission. I think perhaps that that is worth while waiting for. In the meantime let us hope that the words of the Prime Minister may be an encouragement to these technical men who are now thinking of leaving their present positions in Canada, and that that encouragement will help them to continue in their present positions.

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