June 14, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)


James Layton Ralston (Minister of National Defence)


Hon. J. L. RALSTON (Minister of National Defence):

This amount is required to make
preparation and do preliminary work in connection with a permanent combined land and seaplane training station. As the committee knows, Camp Borden was used as a concentration camp in 1916; later it was used by the imperial munitions board for a time and then was repurchased by the department and has been in use more or less temporarily as an air force training camp since about 1920. Frome time to time representations have been made that Camp Borden was not satisfactory even for the purpose of land plane training, and it has been found very necessary to increase seaplane training, particularly in view of the very large amount of work we do in this country which requires seaplanes. It is felt that a double overhead should be done away with as soon as possible and that the department should have a combined station. A large number of sites have been examined and, as I said the other day, it would seem as though Trenton is the most- desirable site to be found so far. I could go into much greater detail if the committee desired, but
Supply-National Defence

this vote is for the purpose of commencing the construction and development of a combined station.

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