June 13, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. RINFRET: (Secretary of State of Canada)


1. Title vested in Canadian National Realties Limited.
2. (a) The record of Mir. Burriss's employment at Port Arthur is as follows-February 1, 1899, as agent for the purpose of obtaining settlers from the United States. The terms of his employment were:-February 1, 1898 to March 31, 1899, allowance of $50 per month for expenses plus a commission of $3 for every male settler over 18 years, $2 for every female settler over 18 years, and $1 for all under 18 years. From April 1, 1899, to October 1, 1899, expense grant of $100 per month instead of $50 per month as formerly. August 1, 1900, placed on the salary basis of $50 per month from the Dominion government and $50 per month from the Ontario government. No commission. May 1, 1901, owing to withdrawal of Ontario government grant, appointed as temporary agent at salary of $1,000 per annum and travelling expenses when

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away from headquarters. September 1, 1901, salary increased to $1,200 per annum, (b) The amount paid to Mr. Burriss on account of bonuses for persons settled by him in Canada in, 1899-1900 was $209. 1900-1901 was $113.
The number of settlers actually located is not available.
3. (a) December 31, 1911. Ob) No information.
4. It was not considered necessary to continue an immigration agent at Port Arthur to encourage settlers from the United States; such work is better accomplished by Canadian agents resident in the United States. A full time inspector was appointed at Port Arthur in 1921 and this arrangement is still in effect.

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