June 7, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Robert James Manion

Conservative (1867-1942)


That does not include the rental for the other grain offices.
Mr. MAiLCOLM: No, that is the office
of the Board of Grain Commissioners. I submit that this is a question which the department or the government might recognize when it is faced with it. I realize that what the hon. leader of the opposition has said is true, that the government should not enter into a contract with private interests to erect a building for a certain purpose and then when the building has been completed and the capital invested to vacate the premises. It does seem to me, Mr. Chairman, that the Board of Grain Commissioners would be the best body to determine where their head office should be. I doubt very much if the Board of Grain Commissioners will see fit to move out of their existing offices for some time. It is not an easy matter to arrive at a decision as to what the best place will be and it is quite within the realm of possibility that the Board of Grain Commissioners will think that their records could be more conveniently kept at Fort William, although they might be spending a good portion of their time in the Calgary office, the Vancouver office or the Montreal office. The question of whether or not the records should be kept at Fort William will have to be decided by the board under this legislation.
I would submit to the hon. member for Fort William that until such time as the Board of Grain Commissioners recommend to the government that they do not require any of the space wdiich Sir George Foster contracted for, we should not be expected to give consideration to hypothetical hardships. When it does come to that point I can assure my hon. friend that I do not believe it will be possible to give up any of the space. The work is increasing all the time and 1 hardly think it is fair to assume that less space is going to be required for the work of the inspection staffs and supervision staffs in Fort William. While I recognize the argument of the hon. leader of the opposition I do not think it can be used until the tune actually comes when the Board of Grain Commissioners state that they do not require the space, and I hardly think that that will ever be the case.

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