June 6, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Pierre-Joseph-Arthur Cardin (Minister of Marine and Fisheries)



The recommendations will be found at page 9 of the report, which has been tabled and is available to members of the house. The recommendations are as follows:
1. (a) To establish areas, within each of which, if deemed necessary for the preservation of the fishery there, the total catch of halibut may be reduced by a predetermined percentage annually, commencing not less than one year after the putting into force of this recommendation, until the fishery therein shall reach a state of stability of yield.
(b) To determine upon the amount of this percentage reduction, and to revise the same from time to time as may be found necessary, the intent being to restrain any increase in the amount of fishing within such area.
2. To close permanently to all fishing the two areas herewith defined, and known to be populated by small immature halibut, and to close such other grounds as may be found by the commission to be populated by a similar class of fish.
3. To prevent the use of any fishing gear deemed unduly destructive.
4. To extend the present closed season by two weeks at its beginning, making the closure for all fishing in all areas from November 1 to February 15, both dates inclusive, and to facilitate future alterations in the length of close season.
5. To license all vessels fishing for halibut in treaty waters, under such terms as are necessary for the purpose of the treaty, including statistical returns, and for clearance to regulated waters.

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