May 31, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Richard Bedford Bennett (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)

Hon. R. B. BENNETT (Leader of the Opposition):

It is undoubted, Mr. Speaker,
that the notice of motion now given by the Prime Minister has only become necessary because it was found that the first motion was not sufficiently 'broad to cover the matter, for it was originally intended to deal with to-morrow as well as every succeeding Saturday until the house prorogued.
I think we are all desirous of doing our best to expedite the business of parliament. We certainly should not sit for three sittings to-morrow. Whether or not we should sit until six o'clock to-morrow is a matter in respect to which those who sit to the left of the Speaker are entirely in the hands of the majority of the house. If the majority of the house so desire, we certainly are willing to expedite business by sitting.
With respect to Monday, I think the course suggested by the Prime Minister is one that might well be followed. We can have a sitting in the morning, adjourn for the afternoon, and sit in the evening from eight until eleven. I see no reason why that should not be done, and those associated with me are quite willing to assist in carrying out that idea.

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