May 31, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Robert Gardiner

United Farmers of Alberta


Mr. Speaker, it was with regret that we heard of the death of Mr. Lanctot late yesterday afternoon. Mr. Lanctot was for many years a very very faithful member of this house and I am sure that he served his constituency well. We in this corner of the house desire to associate ourselves with the remarks of the Prime Minister (Mr. Mackenzie King) and the leader of the opposition (Mr. Bennett) in paying tribute to the memory of the late Mr. Lanctot, and we also wish to express our sympathy to his widow and his family.
Miss AGNES C. MACPHAIL (Southeast Grey): May I be allowed to voice my deep
appreciation of the work of Mr. Lanctot, of his very attractive qualities and of his sterling worth? He had a charming personality. He had two things in common. He had a deep love of the people who live on the land and till the soil, and he was extremely interested in the peace of the world. With me he believed that if we continued to train our boys and girls in military methods, we would continue to use military methods. For all of these reasons I want personally to associate myself with the three members who have spoken in appreciation of the work which Mr. Lanctot did for the coming generations in this country.

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