May 8, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)



Conservative (1867-1942)

1. Who comprise the members of the International Fisheries Commission on the Pacific co cist ?
2. is the Seattle halibut schooner Dorothy under charter to the commission?
3. For what service is said steamer commissioned? .
4. How long has said vessel been engaged m this work?
5. What is the total cost up to date connected with the services of said boat?
6. What part of the total cost is paid by: (a) Canadian government; (b) United States government?
7. What is the total number of persons on the personnel of said boat?
8. How many are scientific men and what qualifications are required before appointment?
9. How many men are employed in other
capacities? .
10. How many Canadians are employed on the Dorothy, and in what capacity?
11. How many Americans are employed, and in what capacity?
12. What salaries are paid and to whom?
13. To whom does the scientific staff make reports?
14. How many of such reports have been received so far?
15. Are such reports available on request? Mr. RINFRET (for Mr. Cardin):
1. Canadian members: W. A. Found and J. P. Babcock. United States members: Henry O'Malley and Miller Freeman.
2. Yes, for a few trips. She is now on the last trip for this year.
3. In connection with a study of the life history of the Pacific halibut.
4. During the following cruises:-1st cruise, October 27-November 23, 1927; 2nd cruise, November 23-December 20, 1927; 3rd cruise, January 3xFebruary 9, 1928 ; 4th cruise, October 26-Dec ember 10, 1928 ; 5th cruise, January 10-February 25, 1929; 6th cruise, March 4, 1929.
5. $37,974.45.
6. One-half by each.
7. From fifteen to seventeen on the different cruises.
8. From two to four on the different cruises. Graduates from a Canadian or United States university in fisheries or zoology.
9. The scientific staff consists of seven in all, from two to four of whom work on the boat as required.

10. There are four Canadians, and three United States citizens on the staff. As the Dorothy was chartered with her crew, the nationalities of members of the crew are not known.
11. Answered by No. 10.
12. The salaries of the staff are: W. F. Thompson, director, American, $500 per month; H. A. Dunlop, asst, director, Canadian, $310 per month; F. H. Bell, scientific asst., Canadian S245 per month; R, V. Butt, scientific asst., American, $195 per month; N. L. Freeman, scientific asst., Canadian, $175 per month; John Kask, scientific asst., Canadian, S150 per month; W. C. Herrington, scientific asst., American, $230 per month.
Clerical staff: Marion Egerton part time clerk, Canadian $25 per month; Dorothy Myers, stenographer, American, $135 per month; Grace Shirk, librarian. American, $135 per month; Harold Lokken, part time clerk, American, $15 per month.
13. The director reports to the commission. The remainder to the director.
14. The director reports to the commission as a whole twice each year and as frequently as necessary to the chairman.
15. The first report by the commission has been published. Several memoirs by the scientific staff are in course of preparation and will be published from time to time as they are completed.

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