April 22, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. CARDIN: (Minister of Marine and Fisheries)


1. The cost of dredging is included in the price per yard for placing gravel fill. 85,000 yards. See answer to No. 4.
2. 700.000 cu. yds,, of material will be required to make the gravel fill for the pier; (a) Total cost $168,000; (b) Cost per cu. yd., 24 cents in place.
3. The contract was let to North Western Dredging Company, Limited, 28th December, 1928.
4. Tenders were not called but the commissioners were offered an opportunity to obtain the necessary 700,000 cu. yds. of gravel fill required1 at a rate below competitive prices, the price for the fill to include the cost of dredging 85,000 cu. yds. of mud from the pier site before the gravel fill was placed. The commissioners represent that the cost of gravel fill for this new pier is 21 cents less per cu. yd. of fill in place than the cost of similar fill required in the construction of the Ballantyne pier.

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