April 17, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. RINFRET: (Secretary of State of Canada)


1. Yes.
2. 716.09 arpents.
3. The property is triangular in shape, the sides being 7,500 ft., 6,700 ft. and 7,770 ft. long respectively.
4. $143,747.56 paid for 13 parcels. One lot containing 1 arpent has been expropriated but the price has not yet been determined.
5. 1 stone 'house, 4 barns and 3 small outbuildings.
6 and 7. 1 mooring tower, 1 temporary
(wooden) hangar, 1 permanent (steel) hangar, 1 wireless and meteorological hut, 1 power house for water supply and 3 temporary offices, for post office, customs house and public works, restaurant and 3 small workshops.
The farm buildings purchased with the property have not as yet been removed. A number of building structures have been undertaken, but not entirely completed, as follows:
(a) Hangar No. 1 $ 42,000(b) Movable wooden hangar No. 2.. 8,000(c) Pump-filter house, fire stationreservoir, including pumps and filter plant
28,500(d) Temporary radio hut
2.000(e) Office building
2,300(f) Two small buildings for Customs
and Immigration officers and
postal service 800
8. (a) Yes; (b) Approximate total cost including special machinery and other equipment now in course of installation, $287,000.
9 and 10. The whole area was purchased and is available for 'handling the airship. A third of it has been prepared as an aerodrome for the use of aeroplanes. Sites may be leased. A charge is made for landing, storage and service, depending on the type of aircraft and the duration of its stay at St. Hubert.

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