April 17, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Louis Édouard Fernand Rinfret (Secretary of State of Canada)



Department of Agriculture:
1. Dr. J. H. Grisdale, deputy minister, $9,500 and use of house.
2. Classified civil servants, 15; labourers, 186; total 201.
Public Archives:
1. A. G. Doughty, deputy minister, $9,000; Wm. Smith, assistant deputy minister, $4,620.
2. Nil.
Department of the Interior:
1. W. W. Cory, deputy minister, $10,000.
2. 17.
Department of Marine and Fisheries (Marine Branch):
1. A. Johnston, deputy minister, $10,000.
2. 124.
Department of Mines:
1. Dr. Charles Camsell, deputy minister, $9,000.
2. Civil servants, 10; prevailing rate men, 13; total, 23.
Department of National Defence:
1. G. J. Desbarats, deputy minister, $10,000; H. W. Brown, assistant deputy minister, $5,220.
2. Fifty-two employees in permanent capacity; 131 employees in temporary capacity; total, 183.
Department of Public Works:
1. J. B. Hunter, deputy minister, $10,000; R. C. Desrochers, assistant deputy minister, $5,220.
2. Inside Service, heads of families:
Class No.
Clerk, Grade 2
1Clerk, Grade 1
2Museum helper
1Outside Service: Total number of employees who receive less than $100 per month. No information as to how many are heads
of families.
Class No.
Firemen 20
Cleaners and helpers Ill
Watchmen 21
Elevatormen 68
Stenographers, grade 2 3
Messenger 1
Gardener 1
Damkeepers 2
Bridge motormen 5
Lockmaster 1
Dock and other labourers at monthly
rate '
Labourers whose wages are based on an hourly prevailing rate are not included.
Note: Salaries of the deputy ministers and assistant deputy ministers, are as provided for in the main estimates for 1929-30.

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