April 8, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. DUNNING: (Minister of Railways and Canals)


Fatal cases, awards S 21,122 04
Permanent partial disability.. 7,049 27Temporary total disability.. 33,433 83Hospital surgical and medical fees
3,141 55Total $ 64,746 692. None are withheld.3. No. A man's employment after injury depends entirely upon his capacity to perform.4. No.5. With reference to LeBlanc, this man was injured on June 16, 1921, .through having his left hand caught between two driving wheels, resulting in the loss of his thumb and first finger and permanent injury to his second finger. In October, 1921, the compensation board awarded him $1,237.50, payable in monthly instalments of $20 each. Upon his return to work his immediate foreman was of the opinion that by reason of the injury received his ability and efficiency had been reduced 20 per cent and instructions were issued to demote him from the position of stripper to a machinist's helper. LeBlanc made a strong plea that he. be permitted to retain his old position, stating that if this were done he would waive the award. This was agreed to and he was retained at his original work.
No award was made in the case of Philbert Girouard.
6. All such matters are dealt with by the management and the -men, either personally, or through their organizations. Action by the department is, therefore, not necessary.

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