April 8, 1929 (16th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Charles Avery Dunning (Minister of Railways and Canals)



With reference to this
question, there appears to be an impression in the mind of the hon. member that with regard to railway transportation there is some difference as between the Canadian National Railways and the Canadian Pacific and other railways in Canada. I should like to make it quite clear that there is no such difference; all railways in Canada coming under the jurisdiction of the Railway Act are responsible to the railway commission with respect to transportation. In this respect the Canadian National Railways do not differ in the slightest degree from the Canadian Pacific Railway, and I submit that it is rather objectionable to ask for information with respect to one of the railway companies under the jurisdiction of a common tribunal. It would appear to convey the idea that something is being done by one of these companies which is not according to the law.
With respect to the question generally, it will involve a very great deal of work; it might be required to stand as an order for return, but perhaps the hon. member would desire to give consideration to what I have said and let the question stand in the meantime.

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