May 25, 1928 (16th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Arthur-Lucien Beaubien

Liberal Progressive

Mr. A. L. BEAUBIEN (Provencher):

Mr. Speaker, in view of t,he tremendous growth of the crops in western Canada, may I ask if the government have any intention of suspending the eleven o'clock rule in order to let us get home before harvest?
Mr. MACKENZIE KING. I should like to be able to assure my hon. friend that the house will be agreeable to his suggestion, but I am not in a position to do so at the present time. I would suggest that the whips confer with a view to reaching some agreement whereby the session can be brought to a close without unduly hastening any feature of it. The government is quite prepared to have the eleven o'clock rule suspended, or to sit in the mornings if that suits hon. members. But this mint be with the concurrence of the house as a whole.

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