May 23, 1928 (16th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Georges Parent


Mr. GEORGES PARENT (Quebec West):

The main reason for the recommendation of the committee that these fines be refunded is that the lawyers engaged in these cases did not file their petitions before the House of Commons in due time, while the petitions were filed with the Senate on time. With the rules as they are at present the difficulty is this: In the Senate I believe they have at least twelve weeks within which to present their petitions, while in the House of Commons they have only six weeks. This has resulted in confusion and embarrassment for the lawyers engaged in these cases, and some of them have been one day late, and others two or three days late in presenting their

petitions, rendering the parties liable to a fine of $200. In the particular cases that came before the committee this morning we concluded that under the circumstances the usual practice should be followed and these fines refunded.

Subtopic:   REFUND OF FEES
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