March 26, 1928 (16th Parliament, 2nd Session)


James Dew Chaplin

Conservative (1867-1942)


I just want to put myself in the same category with reference to this bill as my hon. friend from Vancouver Centre, who has just spoken. It appears to me that the government of this country should take some stand regarding matters of this kind. Before I sit down I intend to show what the attitude of the state of New York is on similar proposals. When this bill was before the committee on the last occasion, the hon. member for Welland (Mr. Pettit) told us that so far as he was advised, the counterpart of this bill in the United States had not been defeated. I can tell him now that that bill has gone where lots of good coloured people go; it has gone to limbo. We are proposing to pass in this house a bill that is opposed by the state of New York, is opposed by the province of Ontario, is opposed by the parks commission on the Canadian side, and opposed by the state reservation commission on the other side. I do not think we will get anywhere with this bill. I just want to put before the house and before the committee a statement from the governor of the state of New York in reference to bridges, not only at Niagara, but also on the St. Lawrence. The committee will see that the state of New York has a policy on this question. I shall not read the whole of it, but just a couple of sentences.

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