July 28, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Samuel Hughes


Mr. HUGHES (Victoria).

I desire to draw the attention of the Minister of Justice particularly to this section. The people of the Dominion have been shocked recently by a very foul murder in Collingwood, supposed to have been committed by two tramps. I notice also an account in the paper the other day of an engineer stopping his train to rescue a woman who was being assaulted by two or three tramps. One can hardly pick up a paper without reading of some such crime committed by these fellows who are going about without any visible means of support, with nothing to do, with no character to lose, and utterly reckless. I could quote various instances in my own section of the country where offences of this kind have been committed, and yet the fellows have escaped. My own opinion is that the public ought to turn out and shoot such offenders, at the same time, that would

Topic:   CRIMINAL CODE, 1892.
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