March 15, 1928 (16th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Richard Burpee Hanson

Conservative (1867-1942)


Supporting what my hon.
leader has said, I would point out that if we lower the duty to 10 per cent-with which I am in perfect accord, for I think it will help Canadian industry-and the United States put t'heir tariff up, automatically ours should be raised too. I have no idea in the world that

we should keep our tariff at 10 per cent, and they raise theirs next week, say, to 20 or 25 per cent, as they may do. The minister will remember that there are some very large companies in the United States making this very product, and they will naturally want their home market for themselves. I happen to know that the International Paper Company are large manufacturers of this very product in their United States mills. It may be that they will transfer that business to Canada-I hope they will; they are getting over here as fast as they can-but at the same time I do not tfhink we ought to be caught in a position where our tariff would be reduced to 10 per cent and they raise theirs back to 25 per cent. That is very likely to happen. The danger is now being pointed out to the minister, and I hope he will act accordingly. I am not opposing the item in any sense, but I am directing the minister's attention to the danger of what may happen if we do not safeguard our position.

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