March 8, 1928 (16th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Hugh Guthrie

Conservative (1867-1942)

Hon. HUGH GUTHRIE (South Wellington) :

May I address you, Mr. Speaker, on a matter of procedure in the house with respect to question No. 9 which appeared on the order paper of yesterday. When the question was called, the hon. Minister of Immigration (Mr. Forke) announced that it was an order for a return, and tabled it forthwith. I find that the question is a very brief one; the answer
likewise is very brief, and there is no reason why a question and an answer such as this should not appear upon the pages of Hansard. It would be a great convenience to the members of the house if such questions did appear upon the pages of Hansard. As it is, there is but a single copy of the answer, which goes into the office of one of the clerks of the house, and it is very difficult to obtain access to it, and when a number of hon. members desire to see it, almost impossible. I would ask in regard to a question and answer of this kind, which will not take up more than half a column of Hansard, that the question and answer be printed as of to-day in the proceedings of the house. I could, I suppose, put it upon the pages of Hansard by reading fc, but I have no desire to take up the time of the house in doing so, and I would ask Your Honour to direct that the question and answer be incorporated in the pages of Hansard.

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