April 14, 1927 (16th Parliament, 1st Session)


Charles A. Stewart (Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs; Minister of Mines; Minister of the Interior)


Mr. STEWART (Edmonton):

Some years age the right of issuing water licenses in the railway belt of British Columbia was delegated to the provincial controller. Last session we passed an amending act providing that before
.any licenses were granted we must be coir-suited. This legislation was introduced1 by us largely on account of complaints made by some of the residents in the water belt with respect to the manner in which such licenses were being issued.. As a result about sixty licenses have been held up. The matter was of interest to the Speaker of the Senate and others who were affected and a mutual agreement was reached between the parties interested. This bill is for the purpose of suspending our rights under the amending act in order that the licenses may be issued. The bill was introduced in the Senate.

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