April 1, 1927 (16th Parliament, 1st Session)


Louis Édouard Fernand Rinfret (Secretary of State of Canada)


Hon. FERNAND RINFRET (Secretary of State):

Mr. Speaker, I wish, on the orders of the day, to make known to the House the proposed salary revision of the civil service to date from to-day, April 1, 1927.
1. All classes in the classification of the civil service of Canada, both inside and outside, up to and including $5,100 per annum are to be increased by $120 per annum in both minimum and maximum salary rates, and each employee will receive an increase of $10 per month dating from April 1, 1927, with the following exceptions:
(a) No increase will be granted in the minimum for the junior clerical grades (Clerk, i Grade 1) and for the classes of equivalent or lower grade, .and for certain other classes which were increased by salary revision, 1924.
Pension Legislation

(b) AH temporary employees will receive an increase to the new minimum of the class except in those classes where no increase is to be made in minimum salary rates.
(c) Any employee who is now in receipt of a flat increase in salary granted by the salary revision of 1924 in lieu of former bonus payments, shall now receive an increase in salary equal to the difference between the amount of such flat increase now received and the increase provided for the class in which his position is classified not however exceeding the new maximum rate of his class.
(d) Classes which were increased' by $180 per annum or more by the salary revision of 1924 will be increased in maximum by $60 and employees in these classes will receive an immediate increase of $5 per month.
(e) A small number of other classes which were increased by salary revision of 1924 will receive such increases in minimum and maximum rates as to bring the classes into harmony with other closely related classes anil the employees in these classes will receive immediate increases corresponding to the increases in the maximum of the class.
(f) Employees who are eligible to receive statutory increases from April 1, 1927, will receive this proposed increase in addition to the annual statutory increase.

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