March 31, 1927 (16th Parliament, 1st Session)


Edward Joseph Garland

United Farmers of Alberta

Mr. GARLAND (Bow River):

The hon.
member who has just taken his seat. He said then:
-in a measure, the natural result of the development in the minds of the Canadian people of the national idea, of the consciousness that they have become a Canadian nation, endowed with a distinctive national character, permeated with a vigorous national life, vested with national responsibilities, and withal, masters of their own national destiny.
The statement is so complete that it requires no further elaboration; I would simply submit to the House that it was made in 1912, whilst the hon. gentleman was in possession of the full faculties of a mature mind- and somebody interjects that he was not in politics, but I do not wish to use such an unfair reference. I will say that those words "withal, masters of their own national destiny" would place the hon. gentleman entirely outside of his argument of to-day.

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