March 23, 1927 (16th Parliament, 1st Session)


John Campbell Elliott (Minister of Public Works)



1 and 2. No pictures have as yet been purchased by the board of trustees from the exhibition of Canadian art held at the National Gallery of Canada,from January 11 to February 28, 1927.
The following is a list of the purchases it is proposed to make if prices offered by the trustees are agreed to by the artists concerned :
Paul Alfred-Winter Market, Byward (oil). Dorothy Stevens Austen-Cliff Houses (etching).
Allan Barr-Portrait of Charles G. D. Roberts, M.A., LL.D. (oil).
Eric Bergman-Pine Tree (coloured woodcut). ,
Eric Bergman-Looking Through the Pine (Coloured woodcut).
F. H. Brigden-Rapids on the Michipocoten (watercolour).
William Brymner, R.C.A.- two Girls Reading (watercolour).
F. S. Challener, R.C.A-Evening Breeze (oil).
Charles F. Comfort-Stoney Lake (watercolour) .
Charles F. Comfort^December (colour print).
Maurice Cullen, R.C.A-Huy on the Meuse (oil).
H. Valentine Fanshaw-A Threat to Harvest (watercolour).
Henri Heibert, R.C.A.-Alphonse Jongers (bronze).
Edwin H. Holgate-Totem Poles No. 1 (woodcut).
Edwin H. Holgate-Totem Poles No. 2
t woodcut).
Edwin H. Holgate-Landing Stage, Port Essington (woodcut).
Edwin H. Holgate-'Tsimshian Chief (draw-
Edwin H. Holgate-Tsimshian Indian (drawing).
Thoreau MacDonald-Loons on the Coast (drawing).
Thoreau MacDonald-Swans and New Snow (drawing).
Lilias T. Newton, A.R.C.A.-Nude Figure (drawing). .
Peggy Nichol-Portrait in the Evening (oil). Elizabeth S. Nutt-Northwest Arm, Halifax, N.S. (oil).
L. A. C. Panton-Midwinter (oil). Walter J. Phillips, A.R.C.A.-Wylye Mill Bridge (woodcut).
George A. Reid, R.C.A.-Algoma Lake

Sarah M. Robertson-Le Repos (oil).
A. deFoy Suzor-Cote, R.C.A.-The Moaning of the Winds (charcoal).
A. deFoy Suzor-Cote, R.C.A.-Quebec Peasant (charcoal). .
A. deFoy Suzor-Cote, R.C.A.-Quebec Peasant (charcoal).
Homer Watson, R.C.A.-Waning Winter (oil).
A. Curtis Williamson, R.C.A.-Fish Sheds, Newfoundland (oil).
Elizabeth Wyn Wood-Head of a Negress (bronze).

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