March 17, 1927 (16th Parliament, 1st Session)


Michael Luchkovich

United Farmers of Alberta

Mr. M. LUCHKOVICH (Vegreville):

have received more than a dozen letters in the last week from farmers of the west asking me what the government is going to do in regard to the measures that were before the House last year, but which failed to become law owing to the dissolution of parliament. The farmers of the west are very anxious to know what is going to be done; they do not wish to see these measures go by the board, and they are afraid that some of these measures might not be re-introduced in this parliament at all. I have a letter here from P. B. Anderson, of Tofield, Alberta, dated March S, 1927, and reading as follows:
Dear Sir:
At the untimely dissolution of the last Dominion parliament there were several important measures that went "in the wash". I am referring especially to the Agricultural Credits bill and to the amendments to the Grain Act. Those two measures, it seems to me, are of the greatest importance to us farmers of western Canada. We are therefore keenly and anxiously watching and waiting to know what will be done with them at this session of parliament.

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