March 8, 1927 (16th Parliament, 1st Session)


Jean-Joseph Denis


Mr. J. J. DENIS (Joliette) moved:

That the quorum of the select standing committee on privileges and elections be reduced from fifteen to eight members.
Privileges and Elections Committee
He said: I think I should give some explanation regarding this motion. Each year a striking committee is appointed to nominate the select standing committees and that committee has the power to determine what shall be the quorum of a standing committee of the House. In some cases that committee provides what shall be a quorum and in other cases it does not. The quorum was not fixed this year for the standing committee on privileges and elections; therefore a quorum should be a majority of the committee, and as there are twenty-nine members the quorum stands at fifteen. On the 2nd, 3rd and 8th March this committee on privileges and elections was called. Unfortunately we have been unable on each of these occasions to secure a quorum; therefore there is no report of the committee before the House, as we could not make a report until a quorum had been obtained. The members of that committee who were present at the different meetings suggested to me that I, as chairman, should move to have the quorum of the committee reduced, because the members of the committee were afraid that if the quorum remained at fifteen it would be very difficult if not impossible for the committee to sit this session. That is the reason I am making this motion. By way of comparison, I might draw the attention of hon. members to the fact that the standing committee on railways, canals and telegraph lines is composed of 129 members and the quorum has been fixed at 25, less than 20 per cent. The private bills committee is composed of 65 members, and the quorum has been placed at 10. lhe committee on standing orders is composed of 33 members and the quorum is fixed at 7.

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