June 17, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Hon. Mr. CARDIN: (Minister of Marine and Fisheries)


1. Yes.
2. Yes for freight other than the ore of the Premier Gold Mining Company.
3. Yes.
4. Yes-14th July, 1921.
5. Yes-$20 per annum for site of freight shed. $75 per annum for site of ore bunker.
6. Yes for freight other than ore. The Premier Gold Mining Company pays $400 per annum for coveying ore across the wharf.
7. Having regard to the nature and extent of the business carried on by the Premier Gold Mining Company, instructions issued in 1923 that no demurrage should be charged. No representations have been received in the meantime respecting demurrag(e charged against others using the wharf and further inquiry will be made.
8. Yes-The company was granted concessions to build its own freight shed on the wharf; to construct an ore bunker on the wharf property and to convey ore across the dock for which it pays the amounts set out in the answers to Nos. 5 and 6.

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