June 17, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Hon. Mr. TOLMIE:

Conservative (1867-1942)

1. Is the Department of Marine and Fisheries operating a public dock at the port of Sterwart, British Columbia ?
2. Do the regular departmental tolls for freight crossing this dock dock appfly to all shippers?
3. Does the Premier Gold Mining Company use this dock?
4. Has this company been granted permission to con-truct ore bunkers on this dock or on adjoining property for the purpose of shipping ore or concentrates or other freight? If so, when?
5. Does the said Premier Gold Mining Company pay rental for this privilege, and if so on what basis and how much per annum?
6. Does the said Premier Gold Mining Company pay the same schedule of rates as are required of other shippers for shipping freight in and out over this dock?
7. Is the said Premier Gold Mining Company paying the same demurrage as is required of the public and other shippers for freight left or stored upon said dock?

8. Have any special concessions been granted to the said Premier Gold Mining Company in connection with this dock that differ in any way from those with which the general public have to conform? If so, whait are these concessions?

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