May 3, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Charles Edward Bothwell



In addition to the eoial industry there is the iron and steel industry in the Maritime provinces, and in this connection I have been much interested in reading the publication known as the Besco Bulletin. I have endeavoured by a study of that publication to find out, to some extent, what the trouble is in the Maritimes. I find from the issue of April 24th that they have four serious disappointments in the budget. They are as follows:
No. 1. Failure to adjust the specific duties on the basic forms of iron and steed so as to bring their ad valorem effect up to the general level of duties on other matenials.
No. 2. Failure to correct the mistake made last year when the duty on bituminous coal was Lowered three cents instead of being raised, and failure to make anthracite screenings dutiable at the same rate as soft coal with which it competes.
No. 3. Failure 'to take up the matter of dealing effectively with the importation of materials produced in countries whose currency is greatly depreciated, which was dropped in a moment of weakness last session, and which is now of greater urgency than it was a year ago.
No. 4. Persistent adherence to the pernicious policy of encouraging the [DOT]importation of finished goods by lowering the duties, and of partly finished materials by refunding the duties specified in the customs tariff.
"Disappointment No. 2," dealing with the duty on bituminous coal, has to do with the very question which was raised by my hon. friend optposite a short time ago. That is one of the "disappointments", apparently, in so far as Besco is concerned, that we hope to have remedied through the commission on Maritime rights.

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