April 23, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Thomas Erlin Kaiser

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. T. E. KAISER (Ontario):

Owing to the incidents of to-day, Mr. Speaker, I was requested at a late hour to say a few words on the budget. On account of the limited time at my disposal for the preparation of anything in the form of an address I hope the House will bear with me while I endeavour to say something upon this occasion.
I would like to refer in particular to an important question before this House and before the country generally, that of what we are to do with the automobile industry. It has been argued that the automobile has become what is termed a necessity. That may be true, but I wish to refer to a statement which seems to have gripped the minds of the Progressive element especially in this House. It has been argued that any industry
The Budget*-Mr. Kaiser

which cannot stand upon its own feet with a 35 per cent protection should go down, and starting with that premise, I would like to submit a few facts. I ask hon. members whether knives and forks are a necessity; they are protected to the extent of 30 per cent. Railway locomotives have a protection of 35 per cent; fire engines, 35 per cent; sewing machines, 30 per cent; tools of all kinds, 30 per cent; window shades, 35 per cent; all the fabrics of cotton, 32J per cent. Are blankets a necessity in this country? They have a 35 per cent duty; wall paper, 35 per cent; envelopes, 35 per cent; soap-I wonder if that is a necessity-32J per cent. Writing ink has a duty of 25 per cent; drain pipes, which we use in order that our homes may be made sanitary, have a duty of 35 per cent; marble for fire-places 35 per cent; furniture for the homes of this country, 30 per cent; spectacles-I wonder if they are a necessity, I know they are to me-30 per cent; sterling silverware, 35 per cent; clocks and watches, 30 per cent; springs and axles for cars, 35 per cent; screws-I wonder if they are a necessity-35 per cent; bath tubs-I wonder if that is a necessity in this country; it all depends, I suppose-

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