April 23, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Arthur Bettez


Mr. BETTEZ (Translation):

In regard to the Old Age Pensions Act, I would ask that this measure which is most humanitarian, be simply a Dominion Act without taking into consideration the provinces. In my first speech in this House, in February last, I advocated such a measure. This very day, I was reading a pamphlet which the Minister of Labour (Mr. Elliott) has just published. I noticed with much pleasure that a great number of countries have adopted an old age pensions measure. I think the time has come, in Canada, to -look after our old people in stringent circumstances who, by a whole life of labour, have largely contributed to the prosperity of our country. They are not to blame if they have not had the chance to succeed as well as many others. To my mind, it is an additional reason to look after them. Knowing the spirit of equity and progress of my leaders, I feel convinced that they will have this excellent legislation adopted.
As regards the rural credit measure, there is no necessity of adding anything further, for everybody knows that agriculture is the prime industry in this country and that the government must neglect nothing to help the toilers of the land.
Before I take my seat, I deem it my duty to congratulate the government on its programme in connection with the Hudson Bay railway, and I trust they shall have sufficient money left to carry out the urgent improvements required in the eastern provinces.
I also wish to sincerely congratulate the hon. Minister of Finance (Mr. Robb) on his masterly statement on the budget, this year, and I cherish the hope that next year's budget will bring forth new and appreciable reforms which will contribute, in a large measure, to the expansion and progress of this beautiful Dominion.

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