April 23, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


George Brecken Nicholson

Conservative (1867-1942)


My hon. friend finds
a very easy way to beg the whole question. What the president of the Canadian Pacific Railway said with regard to Mackenzie and Mann has no bearing on this question. My hon. friends contend that the special rates applicable on grain from prairie points to Fort William and Port Arthur give an adequate return to the railway company for the traffic handled. I am not going to stop at the moment to dispute that contention, but I do say that the government supported by my hon. friends has given to this House and to the country a statement that these rates are not equitable, because^ the lines do not earn their operating costs in the handling of grain. My hon. friends can take one of two positions; if they support the statement of the government they deny their own statements; if they support the statements made by themselves, they charge the government with deceiving the people who put their money into these bnnds. That is clearly the
Referring to the delegation which waited on the government this morning, my hon. friend said that there were very few members of this House who would wilfully injure any class of people in this country. I think perhaps that is true, but the great difficulty is that this country is in such a position, in regard to its national government, that all that is required is two or three men desiring to do something, and the government gets down on its knees and yields.
Just one other point, Mr. Speaker. My hon. friend said-and this is an additional warning to the delegation which arrived here this morning-that the time for negotiation had passed. When did the time for negotiation begin? When was there an opportunity given to the manufacturers of automobiles or to the representatives of the men who are

The Budget-Mr. Nicholson
engaged in this industry to come and lay their case either before the government or the tariff board which the government have appointed to deal with tariff matters?

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