February 19, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Donald MacBeth Kennedy


Mr. KENNEDY (Winnipeg):

All I can say is that so far as the hon. member for Rosetown is concerned the government can count on his support under all circumstances, and under -all conditions, no matter how corrupt it may be.
Again I say the government does not enjoy the confidence of the country. I might refer to another of the majority of three, and I do not do so in any Slighting way. I mean the hon. member for Southeast Gray (Miss Macphail) who in this House, I think, de-
The Address-Mr. Kennedy (Winnipeg)
dared as plainly as words can declare that she had no confidence in this government. I do not think that the hon. member for North Winnipeg (Mr. Heaps), who sits opposite, expressed1 any great admiration for the government of the day, either during his campaign or since he has come into the House. As a matter of fact if we take the reason given by the hon. member for Rosetown for his action what does it amount to? That he is only supporting this government' as the lesser of two evils. Then I ask, is that such a measure of support as a responsible government should depend upon? I say that a government which depends upon the support of members, which expects them to vote for it, because it is the lesser of two evils is not fit to remain longer in office.

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