February 19, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Donald MacBeth Kennedy


Mr. KENNEDY (Winnipeg):

With the
permission of the House I desire to quote from this letter:
I have your letter of fifteenth instant in respect to the use of ties from the state of Minnesota.
The information in connection with this situation is that we were asked by our operating department to furnish them with a quantity of cedar ties for the Hudson Bay line, as it was felt that cedar ties would be of more advantage on that line than others because the traffic is light and, therefore, the mechanical wear on the ties would not be very heavy, and because a good cedar tie withstands the atmosphere well under light traffic conditions. There are none of these ties available in the vicinity of the Hudson Bay line, and I may say that we are buying all the ties we can get in Saskatchewan. It was very imperative, therefore, that we bring cedar ties from somewhere.

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