February 18, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Hugh Guthrie

Conservative (1867-1942)


-four members of the committee represent the opposition side, and one member represents the Progressive side. My information is only gained in the corridors, but I understand it was insisted that every one of those political parties should have counsel-for what purpose I hardly know. The idea to me was absurd, and I so expressed myself when I heard it. One party of members representing the government to have counsel, another party of members representing the opposition to have counsel, and the third and single member representing the Progressive party to have counsel! Surely that is not in the interests of justice, of fair play or of anything else. My hon. friend from Joliette, said he would be prepared to accept the proposition that no counsel be employed'. Were it not for the tremendous amount of work that is to be performed, I think his suggestion would be a good one, and that the committee might deal with the matter themselves without counsel. But in this case there is so much involved and there are so many ramifications to be dealt with that I doubt if any nine men could do justice to the case without the reasonable assistance of counsel. If there is to be counsel for the committee one should suffice, but I think my hon. friend from Vancouver Centre should be the one to name that counsel. The government, or the Minister of Customs at the present time, has employed counsel, which I think is proper.

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