February 1, 1926 (15th Parliament, 1st Session)


Charles Benjamin Howard



Very well, applaud this:
The government, with an unexampled hardihood, -has bought the support of the shrunken Progressive group and has thereby assured itself of a narrow parliamentary majority; and the purchase price is a legislative programme devised for no other purpose than that of restoring the Liberal-Progressive death knell alliance.
I absolutely take exception to these statements. I stand here as a Canadian, backed by a Canadian party, the Liberal party, and I declare that we are not running this country for the advantage of either the province of
The Address-Mr. Howard

Quebec or the province of Ontario, but that it is our intention to give such a government as is just and right to the common people, to the middle classes and to the big interests of the country alike, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. In view of the figures that I have quoted, does any hon. gentleman seriously suggest that we had to buy the Progressives? No, most assuredly we did not; and all honour to them when I add that it would be im-i possible to buy them. They are not the kind that sell.
When hon. gentlemen opposite read the Speech from the Throne I ask them, do they object to the building of the Hudson Bay railway?

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